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vt06a2 Setup:

Antennas At-Mp-Pa-Ho
Start 308 12:00:00
Stop 308 18:00:00
PI Adam Deller
Channel 1 1384 - 1400 MHz DAS1 USB RCP
Channel 2 1400 - 1416 MHz DAS1 USB RCP
Channel 3 1384 - 1400 MHz DAS1 USB LCP
Channel 4 1400 - 1416 MHz DAS1 USB LCP
Channel 5 1416 - 1432 MHz DAS2 USB RCP
Channel 6 1432 - 1448 MHz DAS2 USB RCP
Channel 7 1416 - 1432 MHz DAS2 USB LCP
Channel 8 1432 - 1448 MHz DAS2 USB LCP
Bandwidth 16 MHz
Recorder Disk
DAS Mode



Connect DAS(s) directly to VSIC

ATCA, Mopra and Parkes will use Huygens cable (512 Mbps) - header with clock pins plugged into DAS1. Hobart will record only channels 1-4 (256 Mbps)

ATCA and Mopra schedules are available on the machines at the telescopes. Parkes schedule available at Hobart using vex file, also available at

Parkes: Form circular polarisations from linears using hardware hybrid

Pks, ATCA, Mopra: the 1.4 TB generated by this experiment will not fit on a single xraid partition, so TWO vsib_record commands are required. The first 1.5 hours will be recorded to the first Xraid partition (same partition as vt06a1, eg /data/xraid0/vt06a2/), the final 4.5 hours to the second Xraid partition (eg /data/xraid1/vt06a2/). The commands will be:

vsib_record -t 90m -s 2005-11-04T12:00:00 -m 2 -o vt06a2_<antenna>, where <antenna> = At,Mp,Pk

Then, when this finishes at 13:30:00, cd ../../xraid1/vt06a2/ and:

vsib_record -t 269m -s 2005-11-04T13:31:00 -m 2 -o vt06a2_<antenna>, where <antenna> = At,Mp,Pk (60 seconds gap to allow change of directory. If any observatories miss the start, please ensure that the data is still being recorded on a 10 second boundary for ease of correlation)

Hobart: record to the 4×400 internal drives (vt06a2/)

vsib_record -t 6h -s 2005-11-04T12:00:00 -o vt06a2_Ho

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