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-Mopra coherence tests ok.\\\\\ +Mopra coherence tests ok. 
-\ + 
-Tapes started late at 03:04:07UT. The S2 was 1 day slow!!\\\\\ +Tapes started late at 03:04:07UT. The S2 was 1 day slow!! 
 Rain at ~03:40UT. Tsys to 70K (from 40k) Rain at ~03:40UT. Tsys to 70K (from 40k)
 +Windstow at ~12:05UT (more precise times in the logfile). 
 +Back on source at 12:26:43UT.
 +Windstow again after ~13:38UT. Back 14:06:50UT but windstowed again immediately! Back at 14:27UT
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