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v131bf Setup:\\

Description Imaging for Astrometry Project
Antennas Pa-At-Mp-Ho-Cd-Hh
Start 321 16:00:00
Stop 322 03:56:00
PI Roopesh Ojha
Channel 1 IFP#1 8417 - 8433 MHz USB RCP
Channel 2 IFP#2 8417 - 8433 MHz USB LCP
Skyfreq 8425 MHz
Bandwidth 16 MHz
Recorder S2
DAS Mode (telescope)
S2 Mode 32a4-2
Swap Cable out
Tape Change 321 21:56:00



Swap cable should NOT be used

Plug S2 into DAS, then VSIC into back of S2

S2 swap cable should NOT be used

Record on /data/internal, RecodeMode “Chans 1,3”

Observing comments for each antenna:\\

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