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The log from experiment v131bf has been copied to:

ANTAB and UVFLG files have been copied to the same place.

Additional experiment notes:

Observers: Simon Ellingsen and John Dickey

2006.321.16:08:24.29;“Onsource a few minutes late due to problem with tapeset (transport 0 tape

2006.321.16:08:31.85;”refused to record)

2006.321.16:09:02.71;“Aglient set to 14.0 MHz, SMY 777 MHz, DAS profile

2006.321.16:09:23.39;”842.2 MHz tone gives signal coherent with 5 MHz from maser

2006.321.16:12:33.94;“Disk recorder being feed through S2

2006.321.22:09:53.84;”weather heavy overcast, no wind, Tamb=15C

2006.321.23:54:48.76;“weather heavy overcast,light drizzle, no wind, Tamb=15C

2006.322.01:09:32.17;”frequent servo glitch errors on transport 1

2006.322.03:39:42.38;“weather mostly clear, light wind from south, about 20C

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