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Data for v190e should be recorded to the first set of new xraids, along with the data from v189a

Time Comment (UT)

08:18 On point. Boresight offsets xel=-2 mdeg, el=+5 mdeg. Fringes found in vc013

         Weather clear, cool, not much wind.

08:36ish Stopped recording for vc013, set up for v190e.

         Data will be recorded on /data/xraid1 from 09:00

09:00 Recording started but wrong obs code! Was vc013 09:04ish Switched to correct obs code and file names 09:06 Moving to J0439-4522 early as we have to unwrap 09:21:28 On point

1st LO = 8000 MHz Centre freq = 8425 MHz 2nd LO = 8425 - 8100 + 160 = 485 MHz

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