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Record the ATCA data for v192b on V001,A1-7.

First ~5 hrs are on /data/xraid1 (01:30 - 06:34 UT)

Remaining data (~2 hrs) on /data/xraid0 (06:34 - 08:30 UT)

When Chris has deleted the data for this experiment, mount P1-7 and P8-14 in preparation for v189a.

catie ant 12345 12345
catie fun xx-yy xx+yy xx-yy xx+yy
catie gain 2 2 2 2

set diode off
set servo_off

schedule started at 01:30 UT

recorder started at 01:30 UT

reference antenna ca03 on W163

correlator board replaced for 34cc product - fixed the problem before experiment start

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