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-Record data for v215a to Ho,1-7\+Record data for v215a to Ho,1-7 
 +Data for v215a was recorded to Ho,1-7, partition 1, in the directory v215a 
 +The log from experiment v215a has been copied to: 
 +ANTAB and UVFLG files have been copied to the same place. 
 +DAS profile 
 +Agilent 12.2 GHz, Receiver 5 
 +Receiver focus position: 218, 63, 17 
 +coherence tone 666.7 MHz 10th harmonic produces 1MHz on DAS ch1 BS 
 +2006.321.02:26:17.56;"PPS errors in recorder are at 28 from last 100. Have been higher. 
 +2006.321.02:27:01.85;"trying to improve earthing of VSIC box. 
 +2006.321.06:17:48.63;"PPS errors down to 9 in last 100 with lid off VSIC box! 
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