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Data for vt10b2 recorded to Ho,1-7, partition 1, directory vt10b2

The log from experiment vt10b2 has been copied to: ANTAB and UVFLG files have been copied to the same place.

Additional experiment notes:

Observer Jamie McCallum

2006.323.09:43:53.19;“recording correct tsys's now.

2006.323.09:58:27.65;”System coherent. Tone of 164.7 MHz used.

2006.323.10:02:08.60;“Weather is cool with total overcast, fine drizzle. Calm.

2006.323.10:53:55.46;”The cDisko program has apparently hung. vsib_record is stil working however.

2006.323.10:54:12.36;“Will restart cDisko during the next slew.

2006.323.10:58:36.59;”Restarted at 10:58:30

2006.323.12:05:53.94;“Weather is cool with total overcast. Calm.

2006.323.15:49:54.17;”Weather is cool and calm. Thinly overcastt - a few bright stars visible near to zenith.

2006.323.18:33:57.09;“Weather is cool, calm and totally overcast.

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