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Data for vt10b1 was recorded to Ho,1-7, partition 1, in the directory vt10b1ho

Observer Simon:
2006.321.12:14:31.08;“System seems to be coherent, but signal from vertex radiator very weak.
2006.321.12:15:13.38;”Agilent set to 12.2 GHz
2006.321.12:15:18.71;“SMY set to 820 MHz
2006.321.12:15:33.68;”DAS profile : MP16S_N.PRO
2006.321.12:16:09.58;“Data being recorded to xraid0_0
2006.321.12:24:21.24;”Prior to this time was recording disk channels 1 & 3, now changed to 1 & 2 as

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