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Observers: Aidan Hotan, Claire Hotan.

Disk set: SWIN V021 B1-7

DAS profile:

1st LO: 13.05 GHz. 2nd LO lower band: 627 MHz, upper band: 659 MHz. All 4 channels RCP.

Coherence tones: 841.4 MHz, 843.0 MHz, 844.6 MHz, 846.2 MHz (respectively for each channel)

Clock offset: Maser leads GPS by 6.97 microseconds at 315/08:07:14

Observer comment: We were a bit confused by the set-up instructions for this experiment, as while they're great for the 2-DAS dishes, for Hobart and Ceduna we usually record just DAS1, but here we want the whole band at just one polarization… saying this more explicitly than “IF1 = 8427 MHz RCP, IF2 = 8459 MHz RCP” might have helped people who aren't very used to VLBI observing… ie in comments “Hobart and Ceduna record full bandwidth RCP only as follows” and repeat table for relevant details? Unfortunately the dishes affected here are those with in many cases the least experienced VLBI observers… sorry. Happily we had this nice big eVLBI gap to sort it out and make sure Hobart will be right too.

WIND: prevailing high winds. Stows may occur. Or the wind situation might improve.

315/10:10 - Um…. Claire did a boo boo when she entered the times into the recording software and she might have put in a “10” instead of a “00” for the start minutes… so we've missed the first 10 minutes of data. Sorry about that. On the bright side it is the calibrator, and with that source we did get truly awesome fringes! :)

315/13:30 - Weather is cool and moist, mild (20.3'C), 55.5% humidity (comfortable), 18km/hr wind, mostly clear

315/22:00 - No problems, experiment finished okay.

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