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Disk set SWIN V020 A1 - A7 mounted as /data/xraid0_0 and then as /data/xraid0_1\ \ Setup as per wiki DAS1 only\ \ weather: 50% cloud cover, south breeze \ \ observer: Brett Reid till 0500 then Ben Lewis \ \ No time lost. \


\ Setup information\ \ sky frequency 1650\ \ agilent 4.1 GHz\ \ IF to control room: 550MHz\ \ 7db Rx attenuation\ \ trombone 532 steps out from in limit\ \ SMY 602 MHz\ \ DAS profile\ \ direct coonection from DAS S2 rec out to VSIB\ \ Disk set SWIN V020 A1 - A7 mounted as /data/xraid0_0\ \ coherence tone of 819.5 (1639) produces 5 MHz on ch1 band splitter\ \ v190j.skd was drudged on hobart using hardware: mark4 rack, recorder none\ \ 2007.313.06:54:46.65;weather cloudy, wind 10km/h from the north\ \ 2007.313.09:19:30.80;weather: light cloud, wind 10km/h from the east\ \ 2007.313.10:40:37.95;“Restarting Rakbus.\ \ 2007.313.10:45:04.82;”network problem 313/1026 till 313/1040. possibly affect antenna motion, definitely affect Tsys measurements for that period when RAKbus was restarted\ \ 2007.313.11:00:28.00;“coherent\ \ 2007.313.12:14:48.83;”RAKBus restarted again, seems to have fixed network problem\ 2007.313.18:44:22.86;“weather: clear, cool, wind 10km/h from north\ 2007.314.00:01:18.87;”mostly clear, calm\

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