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2007.316.08:54:42.71;“weather fine, scattered high cloud, wind ~20 km/h\
2007.316.08:54:59.77;”Agilent 14 GHz (unchanged from v254a)\
2007.316.08:55:22.21;“2nd LO in IFP1 777 MHz, in IFP2 809 MHz\
2007.316.08:55:54.89;”Coherence tone of 8414 MHz produces 5 MHz at baseband in ch 1 bandsplitter\
2007.316.08:57:53.15;“Coherence tones of 8430, 8446 & 8462 produce 5 MHz tones in ch 1 fine, ch2 band and ch2 fine respectively\
2007.316.08:58:12.15;”Recording only RCP in both IFP 1& 2\
2007.316.08:59:21.59;“Recording data to SWIN V019 B1-7 mounted as /data/xraid1_0\
2007.316.08:59:39.20;”setup as per wiki and fringes on vc038 fringe check\
2007.316.09:00:03.53;“DAS profile\
2007.316.09:00:03.55;”Observer: Simon Ellingsen\

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