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Observers: Aidan Hotan, Claire Hotan.

Disk set: SWIN V021 A1-7

DAS profile:

1st LO: 13.05 GHz. 2nd LO: 627 MHz

Coherence tone: 841.4 MHz

Clock offset: Maser leads GPS by 7.05 microseconds

Onsource on time for this experiment.

314/06:10 - Weather is clear, sunny, 20% cloud cover, 29km/hr wind.

Data transfer rate is insane, we can't even load the wiki pages in less than ~2min!! Live bandwidth test shows us operating at ~33kb/s. No idea why, but this won't be helping fringe checks!

314/06:05-06:18 Wind stowed.

High winds ~30km/hr gusting to near 40km/hr, so expect stows.

The data rate problem is something to do with the wireless routers we use to get to our ADSL modem in Ceduna, it's not an internet problem. Currently running at between 20% and 90% packet loss. Trying to diagnose specific location of the problem now. (06:44) 07:10 Internet problem fixed, data rate should be back up and good, changed channels on one of the repeaters.

314/07:00 approx - Wind stow. Onsource at 07:09

314/0830 approx - Wind stow. Unknown duration. Onsource at 08:45

2 PPSs missed so far, at 314/08:09:07 and 09:03:04.

314/10:07 - Weather is slightly hazy, few clouds, 26.3'C, 1022.4HPa, 25.6% humidity (dry), and 25km/hr winds.

314/12:02:22 - another PPS missed.

Alarms “fixed”, so we'll probably try to get some sleep at nights. The alarms are potentially not very fixed, but they do appear to be working. We'll use timed onsource commands to try to pick up wind stows, but it won't be infallible.

314/18:30 - changed recording partition, same disk set.

314/22:14 - 2 PPSs missed at 22:14:21 and 22:14:41

315/00 00 - Weather is clear, warm (30'C), dry (20%), 14km/hr breeze, <5% cloud cover.

315/03:05 - Weather is mostly clear, hazy NW sky, warm (33'C), dry (17%), 10km/hr breeze, 5% cloud cover (small cumulus).

315/04:52 - Wind stow. After stow slewed to the wrong place (1917+162) and drives shut off (??!). Didn't quite make it back to source before…

315/05:03 - Wind stow. ALMOST got to the source before…

315/05:15 - Wind stow. Onsource at 05:30

P.S. To he whom it concerns, can you please make it so Ceduna doesn't wind stow to the service position but just goes to 90' Elevation??! That would totally rock!

315/05:30 - Weather is warm (32.7'C), dry (19% humidity), windy (37km/hr), low patchy cloud - 15% cover.

315/05:33 - Wind stow. On source at 05:50 until end of experiment.

Ceduna has very little useful data after ~315/04:50 (scan 138) except for final scan 144.

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