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Started about 5~10 minutes late due to delays getting array cacal-ed at all freqs.

Reference antenna ca03 (w113). Array in ew367 config.

Recording on ATNF v008A (caxserv00) and SWIN v001B (caxserve01)

ATCA data 2007-11-12_2115.vx012b


ATCA can tie 5 antennas (default circular pol: RCP, LCP)

You will have to do a CACAL (including the 90 degree phase shift for circular polarisation) for each of the six frequency setups before the fringe-check can be done. Make a schedule on a strong calibrator for the CACAL using:

1band 64 2band 64

scan 1

1freq 8125 2freq 8175

scan 2

1freq 8225 2freq 8275

scan 3

1freq 8325 2freq 8375

scan 4

1freq 8425 2freq 8475

scan 5

1freq 8525 2freq 8575

scan 6

1freq 8625 2freq 8675

Use the same correlator config as used in vx012b.

Start a new correlator log for this experiment, please.

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