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 ===== Comments: ===== ===== Comments: =====
 +Schedule starts overlapping  with vc068 schedule. Start with vc068 schedule and once fringe are found and clocks corrected, we will move over to v291a schedule immediately.
 +===== Restarting =====
 +If you need to restart the eVLBI session, check mpifxcorr and vsib_record processes have stopped. Also run run 
 + ps aux | grep mpirun
 +To check no mpirun proccesses are still running. ''kill -9'' if they are.
 +Start by running mpifxcorr. This is simply (in the right window)
 + > ./
 +Witin the next 30 or so seconds, start the vsib_record processes. Just Up arrow in the three windows on cavsi1, mpvsi2 and pkvsi1. the command should be something like
 + > vsib_record -t 12h -H pam2 -p 52101 -W 1024 -m2 -f 2s
 ===== Observing comments for each antenna: ===== ===== Observing comments for each antenna: =====
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