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Recorded ~10 mins of data during fringe test before starting v252ab.

Crashed around 14:02 - restarted by Shaun by 14:12.

Hayley noticed stack counter had stopped around 16:20 (May have happened earlier but not long before). Some difficulty restarting (askap_drv crashed). Also stopped recorder for a few minutes until back on source at 16:42.

23:50 - 23:55 no recording (slow VNC issues complicated hourly manual restart)

00:10 (maybe slightly earlier) another crash restarted by Shaun by 00:14

00:28 another crash, probably not tracking after end of scan after last crash

01:12 back up.

06:52 Noticed tracking had stopped. drive_off, drive_on and restarted schedule. OK again at 6:57.

Adjusting voltage levels every now and then (up to 14 earlier in the day, now back to 12)

Az and El errors noticed by Shaun at 08:41 - fixed and OK again at 08:47

09:55 Noticed tracking had stopped. restarted schedule. OK again at 10:07

~10:30 Disk filled! Restarted recording at 103848 after deleting vt14n and v389b data.

A few more drive_off, drive_on sequences required.

14:00 Stopped recording and stowed dish.

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