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Recording on ATNF V013B mounted in /data/xraid0 and will continue to do so until end of experiment

Pa automatically stows the dish in case of high winds. It doesn't do a full stow but rather goes to the Northern limit and continues to roughly track the source in Azimuth.

When safe wind conditions return it goes back on source, but for some reason doesn't appear to properly lock to the master equatorial until the next source change.

Therefore you should be very suspicious of any scans where the telescope has gone back on source partway through.

UTC 21:02 wind stow

UTC 21:42:20 back on source

UTC 21:45 wind stow

UTC 23:00 back on source

UTC 23:23 wind stow

UTC 23:45 back on source

UTC 23:56 wind stow

back out source by UTC 00:18

UTC 00:24 wind stow

UTC 00:42:36 back on source at scan start (flag previous scan, telescope didn't lock)

UTC 01:05 wind stow

UTC 01:18 back on source

UTC 01:25 wind stow. Barely back on source before stowing again ~01:49. Same story ~02:05.

02:22 tracking again, until 02:31 when windstowed again (for ~20 mins)

See online flag file for rest of stows

Strange. First Showtel said 'DISH STATIONARY' while moving towards zenith. Then found itself within the zenith limit. Manually moved it back out and returned to computer control and it slewed to current source.

On source at 03:38

04:25 Dish manually stowed, very intermittent on-source time isn't worth the wear on the dish.

Back on source at ~06:00

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