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Recording to ATNF V011/A1-A7 mounted as /data/xraid0

DSS-43 (70m) X-band

IF1 RCP→LNA1→D/C1, 2ndLO 485 MHz

IF2 RCP→LNA1→D/C2, 2ndLO 517 MHz

DOY 317

14:01:40 DSS-43 started 1st source

18:40:00 halted

DOY 318

04:09:40 DSS-43 resumed on point

04:55:00 Switch to DSS-45

05:50:00 change backend patching to adjust gain as IF2 power level on DAS has been low

06:24:20 power looks finally normal after tweaking the patching.

06:58:01 Fringe confirmed

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