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Recording to CURTV007A. Weather: clear sky.

Agilent frequency is 11.1 GHz. LOs are 810 and 810/468 MHz, with 7 dB attenuation.

Coherence was checked using 664.7 and 630.5 MHz, with 7 dB attenuation.

DAS profile is VSOP.PRO. LCP is connected to SMY03 (channel 2), and RCP to SMY01 (channel 1).

Clkoff is 10.16 us (maser leading); was 10.9 us for fringe checks.

Station clock PC has been serviced (cleaned and replaced dodgy PC master clock boards) since last VLBI observations. The amplitude of the clock (H-maser) signal was also increased by 5 dB.

System temperature is 650 Jy.

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