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-Parkes is using LBADR for this experiment due to Mark5B recording problems encountered in v271j. 
-Using DAS profile av_16_2_f 
-Shaun also tried unflipped profile but no fringes seen in either case in RtFC  when Jamie S ran At-Pa fringe check. 
-Suspected possible vex file problem (as initial vex set up for Parkes recording Mark5) so John and Hayley trying correlation on cuppa.. but no luck getting fringes. 
-JER discovered problem in the morning - wrong synthesiser connected in focus cabin. Fixed at UT 20:41. 
-(This would also have been a fatal problem for previous experiment v271j.) 
-UT 2137 Windstowed. Back on source 2155. 
-UT 231840-233200. Recording stopped. 
-Fringe test to Parkes revealed fringes only in USB. It was determined that LSB channels would be flipped using the current DAS profile. 
-Shaun changed DAS profile to at UT 02:19. 
-Should now be correct for this experiment. Should be able to recover earlier data (from 20:41-02:19) at correlator. 
-Confirmed good fringes in all channels at 03:21 :) :) 
-UT ~11:39: Windstow. 
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