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Recorded to ATNFV016A

maser and Rb tic phases wrt GPS can be seen in the Excel spreadsheets at the following address:

Unfortunately the maser room temperature was changing during this experiment. An A/C power supply problem was discovered immediately prior to this experiment. It was cooling from 30 - 22 degrees as reported in the email messages at the above address. The temperature instability would have affected the Rb more than the H-maser because the Rb is physically small and has a small thermal time constant compared to to the H-maser.

Also contained in the above folder are 4 files named “maser_11DOY.log”. These files are the temperature recorded in the maser room with UT time stamps. The true temperature is 4 degrees below the recorded temperatures.

Here is some information on the work done on the clock:

Regards, Brett

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