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-ca01 1b has flaky power supply problem. +ca01 1b digitiser has flaky power supply problem.
 tie ant 2345 12345 for this run tie ant 2345 12345 for this run
-Stuffing around with array before 0 UTC+ca01 IF 1 digitiser power cycled at 22:30UT 
 +22:50 UT attempted to diginit ca01 in preparation to bring IF1 back into the array, but 
 +that started generating error messages from cacor each second. stopped,  
 +but took 20 mins to get restarted with ca01 disabled and tied array now 2345 2345. 
 +Narrabri staff replaced digitiser but problem remained.  
 +Narrabri staff investigating further... 
 +Rephase at 01:32 UTC -- phases on baselines had drifted out a long way over the last 
 +couple of hours so sensitivity 
 +had dropped quite a bit before Chris noticed this and fixed it.
 +Rephase again at 03:22 UT
-Rephse at 01:32 UTC 
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