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 +Agilent at 6.2 GHz, 16 dB. LOs at 702 MHz, 7 dB. Coherence confirmed with tone of 819.5 MHz.
 +Recording to ATNF_V005B
 +Recording was started for this experiment under folder name vc186 and changed over to v256b at ~19:03:28 UTC
 +tsys1 and tsys2 were high and fluctuating during this experiment. Will run a calibration at the end of LBA. See V471bCdLog for more information. Results from Bruce scans (courtesy of Jamie McCallum) below:
 +Results after LBA run: SEFD @ 1650 is ~1200 Jy for both polarisations\\
 +SEFD @ 1370 is ~1500/1450 Jy for RCP/LCP\\
 +CALs are 36/42 Jy at 1650 (RCP/LCP)\\
 +CALs are 442/267 Jy at 1370 (RCP/LCP)\\
 +1370 scans were remarkably interference free.\\
 +1650 suffered intermittent RFI, sometimes enough to swamp Virgo. Peak amplitude of RFI pulses was ~2000 Jy\\
 +RFI sometimes showed time/spatial structure (appeared as regular variations during a scan but it's not clear whether it's pulsed in time or if it's something being scanned into sidelobes or the like.\\
 +All flux density calibrations performed using Virgo.
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