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 +Problems with CA01, so tie ant 2345 2345 for this run.
 +phase up on 1934-638 at start of run
 +08:20UT: concerned phases had drifted out, but all scans were too short to phase up again!
 +Finally got a pcal to work, but fear it made phases worse.
 +08:27: stop schedule and go to 1934-638 to phase up again. Phases were indeed a long way out.
 +(Actually, not as bad as I had initially though, as vis is showing ca01, but it's not in tied array...)
 +08:30: back on source in main schedule with nicely phased array.
 +08:34: finish typing comments in wiki and find ATCA idle! why?!
 08:35: ATCA now back on source. 08:35: ATCA now back on source.
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