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Recording to UTAS V001B.

Using DAS profile

Start experiment in good weather, and with all five track antenna in the tied array.

Reference antenna is CA01 on W104.

Re-tied at 01:02 UTC

Duriong this 1934-638 scan, from 01:07 to 01:17 phases vary by >100 degrees between ca01,2,3 and ca04,5, before returning to within ~60 degrees of each other. Will drop ca04,5 from tied array if this continues. Seemon path noise is 200~250 microns, but likely to worsen as day goes on.

01:23, at start of next scan (1039-474) phases to ca04,5 out by 90 degrees again, so drop from tied array (tie ant 123 123, tie gain 0.2 0.2)

07:29 phase up again, during 1903-802 scan

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