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Agilent at 13.04 GHz.

LOs at 637 MHz.

Coherence confirmed with tone of 841.4 MHz.

Channel 1 (RCP) shows intermittently fluctuating power levels and Tsys. Cause seems to dodgy programmable attenuators. (Not easily fixable.) Possible that the recorded data may not be affected too badly, but not sure at this stage. In previous 22 GHz experiments with a more sensitive setup, data *was* affected (though fringes were still confirmed), but things have been re-cabled since then and Brett thinks the current setup may guard against strong affects on the data. In any case channel 2 (LCP) appears to be OK…

Drive PC problem in first few mins of experiment. On source from UT 06:17.

Recording to CURT V004B.

There are errors in the log showing a long strings of 'antenna off-source reacquiring' messages. This is due to winds close to stow speeds causing errors in the elevation.

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