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Agilent at 6.2 GHz, 16 dB. LOs at 702 MHz, 7 dB. Coherence confirmed with tone of 819.5 MHz.

Channel 1 and Channel 2 Tsys now stable at ~20000 and ~9000. We will determine the cals using Bruce at the end of the entire LBA session. See V471bCdLog for more information. Results from Bruce scans (courtesy of Jamie MacCallum) below:

Results after LBA run: SEFD @ 1650 is ~1200 Jy for both polarisations
SEFD @ 1370 is ~1500/1450 Jy for RCP/LCP
CALs are 36/42 Jy at 1650 (RCP/LCP)
CALs are 442/267 Jy at 1370 (RCP/LCP)
1370 scans were remarkably interference free.
1650 suffered intermittent RFI, sometimes enough to swamp Virgo. Peak amplitude of RFI pulses was ~2000 Jy
RFI sometimes showed time/spatial structure (appeared as regular variations during a scan but it's not clear whether it's pulsed in time or if it's something being scanned into sidelobes or the like.
All flux density calibrations performed using Virgo.

Recording to ATNF_V008B

RFI: RF pass band at this link**28Large%29.jpg.

It shows a max hold spectrum. The spikes around 1625 MHz are regular. The spike at around 1640 was a once off during the 20 minutes this spectrum was recorded.

Tsys for channel 1 and 2 are still erratic as of 2226 UT

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