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Agilent @ 4.1 GHz

SML01/Agilent01 @ 602 MHz

DAS profile

Coherence seen with a tone of 819.5

Recording to UTAS V002A

Quadrature hybrid in, 6 dB attenuation, 280 steps OUT from inner limit.

Recording started in DIRECT mode - polarisations confimed as LCP/RCP via fringecheck.

Changed to CROSSED (via STOATJT) at 19:52:30

No change in pols via fringecheck. Returned to DIRECT & used folly to record nominal “LCP/RCP” (OOXX) at ~19:57:00

Windstowed from 01:20 →

on/offsource flag files generated automatically from PCFS logs for this session for Hobart likely to be of little use.

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