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Recording DAS1 to the Xcube's data disk. Recording DAS2 to the ATNF V008A on cavsi2.

Used 0420-014 to do the 7mm setup, and didn't need to do a dcal as 64 MHz phases were flat. To form circulars, used abph 90 90, similar to the C/X bands as both are USB.

Upon switching to 3mm, I refocussed CA01 as required. The phase of 0420-014 was not visible in SPD, and the delays in vis were not really sensible, even with a CABB delavg of 64; I am not certain then that the delays are OK, but my gut says they are.

The polarisations coming out of the tied array at 3mm are hard to predict, since only CA02 has the noise diode. I phase calibrated this to -90 degrees, the same as the other LSB bands.

All 5 track antenna are tied at both 7mm and 3mm.

At 14:04 UTC I dropped the tied array back to CA02 only, at Richard's request.

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