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Recording DAS1 to the Xcube disks.

Tied array is 1245, and the reference antenna is CA03 on W104 (yes, you can use an antenna as reference location even if the antenna isn't working).

CA03 is out because of a generator problem (among other things) caused by the torrential downpour yesterday. I know the farmers really appreciate the rain, but it plays havoc with our systems, and I'd prefer if it could rain at least a little more softly and with far less lightning. There was hail as well, but thankfully it was small enough that it didn't damage my Golf. I would have been very mad had it put any dints in my car.

Sure, I could try to put the car in the garage, but have you seen my garage? It'd take me a couple of days to clean it out before I could fit the Golf in, and even then it'd be too tight a fit and I'd be left with nowhere to put my bike. But I guess this is the very definition of “first world problem”.

The DAS is using the profile, which agrees with the ATCA setup notes but not with DASpro, which says we should be using We got fringes no problems with _n.


Reference antenna is actually W109 (ca03 is on W109!).

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