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 Recording to ATNF V016A Recording to ATNF V016A
-Stowed due to high wind 03:40-03:51+Stowed due to high wind 03:40-03:51, 04:​35-04:​54. 05:​17-05:​35,​ 06:​05-06:​17,​ 06:​35-06:​47,​ 06:​53-07:​30,​ 08:07-end 
 03:53 RAKBUS rebooted, missed a tsys measurement. 03:53 RAKBUS rebooted, missed a tsys measurement.
 Problem solved immediately. Problem solved immediately.
 +08:07 '​elevation zenith'​ light on after stowing, elevation limit is reached (probably due to a strong gust of wind). Need to wait for the wind to subside to fix it, so Ceduna is out for the rest of this experiment.
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