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 +Recording DAS1 to Xcube disks.
 +Tied array is 12345, reference antenna is CA03 on W104.
 +During fringe testing, started with DAS profile, but swapped to (for testing purposes) at 20:37 UT, and swapped back to at 20:55 UT.
 +No fringes were achieved during the fringe testing period for this schedule. Primary causes were weather, and short scheduling of 0537-441.
 Stowed between 00:05-00:45, 1:45-3:39 UT Stowed between 00:05-00:45, 1:45-3:39 UT
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 From 3:39 UT CA03 was detached, tied array is 1245 From 3:39 UT CA03 was detached, tied array is 1245
 +No data for IF2 after 06:35 - block 27 offline  
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