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Agilent 17.4 GHz

SML01/02 = 406


DAS profile does not appears to be able to handle the inverted band at 22 GHz - there may be an issue with the DAS sampler module. Changing between VSOP and VSOP_HO does not change the coherence tone at all.

Bandsplitter 1/2 [Channels 1 & 3] have coherence with a tone of 22257 Fine Tuner 1/2 [Channels 2 & 4] have coherence with a tone of 22241

So we are recording inverted bandpass data, in a swapped channel order 1↔2, 3↔4

Recording RCP/LCP

Recording to CURT V004B

Weather conditions are cold and clear. Moderate winds.

Recorder stopped accidentally at 2133, recording restarted at 2134

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