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ATCA set-up under Jamie's guidance: Phil monitoring the observation

Jamie has solved the “no ATCA Tsys in CABB era problem”!

00:03 UT ATCA had stayed in north wrap after 3C273 fringe-finder scans, with J1723-6500 very close to the az limit. J1711-5028 is just the other side of the az wrap limit, so have to do the long unwrap in az around to the south wrap, losing the first few scans on taget and phase cal.

00:12 UT ATCA back on source

01:58 UT ATCA windstowed: isolated big gust of wind. software stow only – no need to reset PMON rack!

Cryo discharge temps starting to get close to limit – esp. when wind picks up. May have to “heat stow” a couple of antennas before the run ends…

Back on source around 2:04 UT, but suspect we just missed the scheduled phase cal. on J1723-6500.

02:10 UT go back to J1723-6500 and do manual pcal.

02:18 UT back on main schedule

03:16 UT increase tied array gain from 0.1 0.1 to 0.11 0.11 to tweak sampler stats from ~15% back to ~17%

05:40 UT cryo temps have been slowly decreasing over last couple of hours so should be okay :-)

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