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Das profile:

2nd LO: Ch1 510 MHz (for RCP), Ch2 510 MHz (for LCP)

Recorded to ATNF V011_B1-7 mounted as /data/xraid0

DOY 329

11:43 on point, but it appears not recording properly

12:29 Tsys RCP 43.8 K

13:10 rebooting tidvsi and starting recording remotely

13:23:10 no fringe due to not inverting the band, fixing by hand has led to fringes but it appears LCP is a copy of RCP

14:00 LCP patched correctly

14:07:00 fringe on both pols confirmed

RCP Tsys 38.7

15:35 sky is clear around zenith with some clouds near horizon

18:29:40 End of the track

Correlator Note

This experiment was observed with an *inverted* band. Why did the observers not note that on this wiki page?

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