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Creating or Updating the LBA Block Schedule

Below is an example for updating the LBA block schedule for session February 2019.

  • ssh into draco as vlbi (probably any Marsfield server, other than Venice)
  • cd www/schedules/lba/
  • The 2 relevant files have names such as 18OCTS_schedule_feb_vXXX.txt and antenna_avail_feb19.txt
  • Copy most recent schedule file and bump version number (file name AND in file). Update “history”.
  • To view changes run
    • antenna_avail_feb19.txt 18OCTS_schedule_feb_vXXX.txt
    • By default this uses X11 (pgplot /xs device). You can change pgplot device with “-dev test.png/png” - any valid pglot device will work.
  • To make file final update:
    • antenna_avail_feb19.txt 18OCTS_schedule_feb_vXXX.txt
  • Update 2018oct.html to point to new version and wiki pages if they have been created already
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