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eVLBI setup Notes

Run the eVLBI from

  • Log onto cave00-ext as vlbi

–> > ssh –> > mkdir correlations/v999/v999a –> > cd correlations/v999/v999a –> > ftp ftp –> Log on as anonymous –> > cd pub/people/vlbi/v999/v999a –> > get v999a.vex –> > bye

  • Create setup files

–> > update_eopc –> > v999a.vexSet ATCA station reference (probably CATW104) and type Y to take source from vex

  • Create the DiFX input file

–> > -evlbi -nchan 256 -int 1 -cross v999a.skd

  • To create an input file, without a specific antenna, you need to specify the ones you want

–> > -new -evlbi -nchan 256 -int 1 v999a.vex -ant Mp -ant At -ant Pa -cross -input v999a_noHo.input

  • Edit the clocks if need be (CLOCK DELAY), values taken from ~vlbi/.clocks
  • Copy the eVLBI run files from a previous experiment

–> > cd correlations/vXXX/vXXXa –> > cp rec*host run*sh threads machines ../../v999/v999a –> > cd ../../v999/v999a

  • Edit etc to point to v999a.input

Running eVLBI

Logging and monitoring

  • In a terminal run the message logger

–>> cd correlations/v999/v999a –>> errormon2

  • In a terminal run the monitor server

–>> monitor_server 9999

  • Start eVLBI running:

–>> ./

This will start the recorders automatically.

If hobart fails to stop, you will need to log onto and kill vsib_record explicitly. Generally this is not required

–> > killall vsib_record


To stop the correlator running (or to initiate a restart), on any cave00-ext window

–>> stopmpifxcorr

Restart using the “” command


To get a list of products for the the current setup:

–>> difx_config v999a.input

(it is important to use the same input file as the correlator is going to run)

To see specific individual product, run

–>> mon_sample localhost v999a.input N [N2 N3 N4]

Where N are the product number seen from difx_config

The web based monitor only runs on pam0. To set this up:

–>> scp v999a.input v999a.uvw vlbi@pam0: –>> ssh vlbi@pam0

  • Edit the .input file to update the location of the .uvw file (ie change path to /home/vlbi)

–>> cd /var/www/lba-live –>> difx-monitor ~/v999a.input cave00-ext 5


To automatically update clocks run: –>> cd correlation/v999/v999a –>> vcal v999a.input localhost

This will assume the first antenna is the reference antenna and calculate clock delays to all other telescopes. It gives you the option of updating the clocks in the input file. Note:

  • To “apply” the changes you need to restart the correlator (see above).
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