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The simplest way to enable fringe checks at stations with Mark5s and running the Field System is to include disk2file transfers in the schedule. This is done in SCHED using the 'grabto' and 'grabtime' commands.

For any scan that you want 'disk2file' to run on:

grabtime = 2,10

will grab 2 seconds of data starting 10 seconds from the end of the scan and copy it to a local disk. Only integer seconds may be transferred.

Remember to reset the grab parameters after the transfer scan, or ensuing scans will inherit them. To wit:


An example schedule is attached to this page. vc072.key.txt

Note that you must leave a sufficiently long gap between the end of the scan with the disk2file and the start of the next scan or the disk2file will not be successful. SCHED checks that the gap is long enough for the transfer to complete. The formula that SCHED uses to check if enough time has been left for the transfer is:

t = 5. + tdata * bitrate /110.

where t = minimum gap required, tdata= length of data to be transferred, bitrate is in Mbits per second and all times are measured in seconds.

Telescope operators should be aware that by default the FS will copy the file to the directory the Mk5 program was started in. If you want it to go somewhere else you should set the desired output directory in the FS control file /control/skedf.ctl

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