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For eVLBI to JIVE, setup the front end, DAS etc as normal - paying special attention to which DAS profile is needed (usually it is not the standard vsop profile). All control of the LBADR is done remotely from JIVE. To allow this to happen, a interface program needs to be run -

This just needs to be run on the appropriate LBADR machine (as vlbi). Simple run


cdisko is not needed, but can be left running to monitor the recorder and kill a transfer if something goes wrong. mk5emu can be started well ahead of time and left running. But it is not advisable to leave it running if you are using the LBADR for some other recording.

The recording mode (bandwidths, channel selection) and so data rate is hardcoded into To change you need to edit the perl script to change the vsib_record settings by hand. Refer to the vsib_record notes for a detail explanation.

The values which need to be changed are:

my $chans = 'xxxx'; my $bandwidth = 16; my $vsib_mode = 3;

Typical settings would be:

xxxx 16 2 512 Normal ATNF dual DAS 512 Mbps, 8 channel setting
xxxx 16 3 256 Single DAS 256 Mbps, 4 channel setting
oxox 16 3 128 128 Mbps, 2 channel dual pol. Typically for Hobart
ooxx 16 3 128 128 Mbps, 2 channel single pol (Rcp usually)
xxxx 8 2 256 256 Mbps, 8 channel
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