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Accessing sessions from outside ATNF network

The ATNF ssh gateways are and

Viewing a vnc session from outside ATNF requires using ssh to forward a port on the local (client) host to the remote host. The host port specified is the vnc desktop display number+5900.

  • Log onto the ssh gateway machine at the observatory with your ATNF username, specifying remote host and port to connect to, e.g. to view the ATCA xbones:1 desktop:
> ssh -L 5901:xbones:5901
  • Start a vncviewer on the local host, connect to host “localhost” and display 1 or whichever display was specified for the local port (1st number -5900 in the ssh command above). Note the remote desktop number does not have to be forwarded to the local desktop number. For example to tunnel joffrey:1 to local desktop :3 do the following:
> ssh -L 5903:joffrey:5901

A quicker way to achieve this on many VNC viewers is to use the -via switch and allow VNC to look after the ssh port forwarding for you:

> vncviewer -via

You can create multiple tunnels with a single ssh command. Something along the lines of the following works:

> ssh -L 5901:xbones:5901 5902:xbones:5902 5903:caccc1:5901 5904:bigrock:5901 -L 5905:joffrey:5901 -L 5906:joffrey:5902 -L 5907:cira10:5901 -L 5908:pam0:5901 -L 5909:cave00-ext:5901

Then on the local machine connect as follows

Telescope VNC session Local screen
ATCA xbones:1 :1 or 5901
ATCA xbones:2 :2 or 5902
ATCA caccc1:1 :3 or 5903
Mopra bigrock:1 :4 or 5904
Parkes joffrey:1 :5 or 5905
Fringe Check bolverk:1 :8 or 5908
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