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Note: The Vex (.skd) file needs to be hand edited before these steps are run

Generating Wiki Pages

An entry for the global wiki page for the session needs to be added by hand to the main VLBI wiki page. Copy and past the top entry and change to the next session.

The session wiki page can be generated (as “vlbi” on the ATNF Sydney unix machines) by running a script on the session “text” file, generally located in the web pages. Make sure you use the most up-to-date version. Run as:

> /nfs/wwwatdocs/vlbi/schedules/lba/08OCTS_schedule_nov_v1.1.txt

You will have to manually copy the output to the wikipage using copy-and-paste. This script assumes the current year. If you want to generate the wikipage for a session in the following year, pass the argument “-year 2010”, for example. You will need to manually edit the links to the block schedule.

For each experiment, run the command

> experiment.skd

Check it looks OK, then

> -test experiment.skd

This automatically creates the experiment wiki page.

Run the commands

> experiment.skd > experiment.skd

This calls for Parkes and for Mopra and ATCA. The wrapper script is pretty dumb, it does not check each ATNF telescope is in the schedule and creates an (empty) schedule for each missing telescope.

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