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Tied CA01..5 refant Ca04, W104 Array H214

Recording to cave-store:/data2

Stopped and detached CA02 at 02:29:30 UT for cryo work (tied 1345)

Stopped to reattach CA02 at 02:44:30 to slew back in - retied into array at start of next scan (02:49:30)

CABB produced errors from 09:59:53, was corrected with a stop/start at 10:04:59.

Recording to cave-store /data2 stopped (not by human action) at 09:53:20, was only noticed after fixing the CABB error, and restarted on cavsi1 /data/internal at 10:12:00. Recording was resumed on cave-store /data2 at 10:20:00. Data on /data/internal was subsequently copied to cave-store /data2.

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