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ATCA recording to ATNF V002A

Tied 12345 to CA04 (W104) - antenna 3 was added in 15 mins late after some engineering work was finished.

Calibration issues for the first 45 minutes - DAS levels were incorrect as the attenuators were servoing until fixed around 00:30, and then we repeated tied array calibration.

Not on-source from 00:24:30 to 00:44:15 while the recalibration was performed. Amplitude was recalibrated at this time so Tsys values before 00:44:15 should be treated as unrelated to those for the remainder of the experiment.

Recording summary

On-source and recording single freq setup at 00:03:50

On source and recording dual freq setup at 00:10:10

Changed back to single freq setup at 01:00:40

Changed to dual freq at 05:30:10

Changed to single freq at 06:15:10

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