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Telescope: DSS-34 (34m)

Recorded to: IRAM-003/1480/1024 (MK5 diskpack)

Disk shipment to:

              Bonn Correlator
              Auf Den Huegel, 69
              Bonn, Germany      

Band: X-band

Plarisation: RCP

Observer: shinji horiuchi, ian hopkins (Team-D)

Weather: clear at start

IF1-LOW: vc01,vc02

IF1-HIGH: vc03, vc04

DOY 302

16:00 started schedule, but missed 1st source

19:20:20 schdule halt

DOY 303

11:40:00 schedule resumed, but the next scan appeared to have idling time until until 12:08:10.

11:50 heavy rain

12:08:10 scan started

13:36 vread showed 10 times lower power than expected, ifd=30,30 fixed to reasonable values. The last 90 minutes data may have been degraded due to this problem.

13:50 heavy rain

15:25:01 antenna stopped in attempting to clear az drive error

15:26:04 antenna restarted

15:58:22 shcedule completed

Note on 2010 Nov 9: both pcfs log and tsys files have been uploaded to the vlbi ftp incoming directory.

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