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Running DAS1 as 7mm, recording the Xcube, has CA04 only.

Running DAS2 as 3mm, recording to ATNF V009B, has CA02 only.

Both are recording linear pols.

Got onto main schedule a couple of minutes after 22 UTC.

Did pointing at 7mm (a bit late, I didn't figure out the .PT mode meaning quickly) starting at 23:43:24. Back on main schedule at 23:52:50 for 3C273. Was recording throughout.

Realised after looking at the KVN schedule that they are doing the experiment tomorrow, so I stopped at 00:50. We'll come back later…

Back for the second day, and I haven't deleted any data from yesterday. Same configuration as yesterday, but this time the main schedule was working by the scan on 3C273 at 21:45 UTC.

Pointing performed starting at 23:39:00 UTC, back on main schedule at 23:48:50 UTC, on 1252+119.

Pointing performed starting at 01:24:00 UTC, back on main schedule at 01:33:20 UTC, on 3C273.

Pointing performed starting at 03:08:00 UTC, back on main schedule at 03:17:20 UTC, on 1252+119.

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