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DAS profile 2nd LO 453 MHz (this is by mistake with only half the band overlap, later corrected to 485 MHz at DOY 293 00:24)

DOY 292

16:16:15 DSS-45 on source (0537-441), recording to DVP for RCP only, with all other channel dummy

18:01:29 DSS-43 started on source (2M-77), recording to LBA-DR

18:26:00 DSS-45 terminated schedule

19:40:30 DSS-43 terminated schedule


23:42:59 DSS-34 on point, recording to LBA-DR, Ch1 RCP, Ch2 dummy

DOY 293

00:24 Switch 2nd LO from 453 to 485 MHz

00:24 fringe confirmed, but inverted band, pols are incorrectly labelled.

03:15 schedule stop, stow antenna

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