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21:43UT ATCA windstow (a PMON windstow, which needs a button pushed on the PMON rack to restart). Jamie drives out to the site to do just that.

21:59UT ATCA back on source

ATCA drops in and out over the next few hours with repeated wind stows…

02:35UT ATCA out of windstow again. Unfortunately, just missed an autophase scan in the schedule file, and by the time I noticed the sources were too weak to phase up on. Finally at ~3:15UT the next autophase scan came along and tidied things up, so sensitivity will be low between 02:35 and 03:15UT.

06:49UT The winds had been slowly dying down all afternoon, then a couple of big gusts blew through and windstowed the array again. Fortunately only a software stow (not a hardware stow, so no call-out required).

07:13UT On source again.

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