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Observation set up by Jamie. Problems with fringe-check before run as EOP file missing. Chris helped kludge a file from his taxi en route to the airport. Fringe checks okay (though an issue with one of dual freqs for Ho, and weak Cd fringes).

Recording to /data/synology2

There were a few issues with ATCA at the start of the run.

There was a CABB crash at 21:15UT, which took ~4 mins to recover

21:37UT to 21:39UT observing stopped while monica restarted.

22:04UT CABB crashed again – traced to home disk filling up. Jamie freed up some space, restarted again at 22:20UT

Schedule has pcal scans using J1524. J1515 is a stronger source and would probably be better for pcals. J1524 scans are 2 mins long and J1515 only 1 min, so no point trying to change schedule on the fly.

00:40UT: T=25C, P=994hPa, PWV=22mm, winds 10~20 km/h

05:55UT ATCA drops out for RadioAstron survey run

07:04UT ATCA back on source. First pcal at 07:10UT, so sensitivity somewhat lower for first 6 mins.

07:50UT T=28C, P=989hPa, PWV=21mm, winds 5~10 km/h

Phase stability better now, but still wandering around some

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