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 Observing set up by Jamie. Observing set up by Jamie.
 Mopra focus set to 18.8mm (for K-band with q.w.p.). Mopra focus set to 18.8mm (for K-band with q.w.p.).
 Recorder cavsi2-ext2, disk /data/xraid1, label ATNF V004B. Recorder cavsi2-ext2, disk /data/xraid1, label ATNF V004B.
 Clear skies. Clear skies.
 +00:40UT TOAD reports: T=24C, RH=56%, PMV=25mm, P=1016hPa.
 +05:55UT Mopra drops out (with ATCA and Hobart) for RadioAstron survey obs.
 +07:04UT Mopra back on source for v544a. (Focus may still have been adjusting for first couple of minutes.)
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