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Observing set up: Recording IF1 at 87032 MHz to cavsi1 /data/xraid1 (ATNF V002B). DAS1 profile is Recording IF2 at 87160 MHz to cavsi2 /data/xraid0 (ATNF V005A). DAS2 profile is

Recording linear polarisations. Reference antenna is CA02 on N11.

Observing log (all times UTC):

0430: Seeing is around 1000 microns on our seeing monitor (300m baseline). It is therefore pointless to try and tie more than one antenna into the tied array right now. We are thus using only CA02 in the tied array. Phase on 3C279 is all but noise.

0554: Stopped to go do a 15mm pointing scan on 1729-37, then a paddle scan on SGRA*. Seeing is still above 1000 microns, so no change to tied array.

0607: Back on schedule at 06:06:40, 1741-312.

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